Sculpting the Audi S8 into a work of art.

To commemorate the launch of the newest luxury performance vehicle on the market, Audi Australia Pty Ltd has commissioned renowned casting foundry, Australian Bronze, to create a limited edition, bronze S8 sculpture.

The new Audi S8 is handcrafted using only the finest materials, such as superior-quality Valcona leather, the Audi S8 represents an unparalleled experience in performance, luxury, quality and craftsmanship.

A limited-edition of 60 handcrafted bronze Audi S8 sculptures were commissioned to commemorate the Australian launch of this flagship Audi model. The highly collectable piece of art, with its hand-forged creation and unique construction, represents the high level of human detail involved in creating the Audi S8. From exquisite inlays to a wealth of interior colour choices, the Audi S8 not only celebrates innovative technology, but luxurious craftsmanship beyond your expectations.

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  Nouveau Audi S8 2018

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