Audi steps up electrification: HPC charging points doubled

Charging an electric car
Charging an electric car

Audi, the renowned car manufacturer, recently made an announcement that marks a major turning point in the history of electromobility. The Audi recharging network, active in 31 European countries, has doubled its HPC recharging points from 400,000 to 500,000 stations since the beginning of the year.

Expansion of the Audi recharging network

Audi has made a quantum leap by doubling the number of its HPC charging points. This expansion has been particularly noticeable in Italy, where the Audi charging network now includes more than 38,000 charging points, covering around 92 u of the national network. This rapid growth demonstrates Audi’s commitment to promoting electromobility and making life easier for its customers.

Strategic partnerships

The growth of the Audi recharging network would not have been possible without the identification of premium partners among the HPC suppliers. Two of these stand out: IONITY and ewiva. IONITY, a joint venture dedicated to the creation of a European ultra-fast charging network, can now count on 27 active charging points in Italy. For its part, ewiva, a joint venture between the Volkswagen Group and Enel X Way, plans to have the largest HPC network in Italy by 2025, with more than 3,000 points in 700 locations.

Affordable pricing and Plug & Charge

Audi has also introduced an attractive tariff plan for its customers. With the Pro price plan, the monthly fee of 14.99 euros guarantees access to the columns of the IONITY network on very advantageous terms. What’s more, the Plug & Charge function allows immediate access to the columns of both networks, without the need for a card or application. This function is currently active in IONITY stations and ewiva columns.

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Towards an electric future

With these advances, Audi is demonstrating its commitment to an electric future. The doubling of HPC charging points and the strategic partnerships with IONITY and ewiva are important steps towards achieving this goal. With affordable pricing and practical features like Plug & Charge, Audi is making electromobility more accessible than ever.