Charging an electric car

Audi steps up electrification: HPC charging points doubled

6 July 2023 Florent 0

Audi, the renowned car manufacturer, recently made an announcement that marks a major turning point in the history of electromobility. The Audi recharging network, active in 31 European countries, has doubled its HPC recharging points from 400,000 to 500,000 stations since the beginning of the year.

a black and white photo of an audi car

Gernot Döllner becomes CEO of Audi

1 July 2023 Florent 0

The famous car manufacturer Audi recently made headlines by announcing a major change in its management. After months of lacklustre performance, the company has decided to replace its CEO, Markus Duesmann, with Gernot Döllner.

sonde température Audi A4

All you need to know about the Audi A4 temperature sensor

29 June 2023 Florent 0

The temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of the coolant circulating around the engine of your Audi A4. This information is then transmitted to the dashboard in the form of a light signal or a needle indicating the temperature. The right temperature ensures that the engine runs efficiently