The Audi MMI system: everything you need to know to get the most out of your Audi car

audi mmi

Of all the car brands, Audi is known for offering one of the most comprehensive and integrated information and entertainment systems in a car. From Wi-Fi hotspot to live traffic, virtual cockpit, Audi smartphone connection, phone box and more. If you look at any of the company’s new cars the A8 saloon, A7 Sportback, A6 front or Q8 SUV – there’s also a whole host of integrated touchscreens called MMI Touch. What is MMI Touch? What functions does it have? Find out the answers below.

What is the Audi MMI system?

TheAudi MMI system is a single integrated interface, like BMW’s iDrive or Mercedes’ MBUX. Using MOST technology, these interfaces establish connections between different systems and make it possible to control several devices and functions in the car. From basic radio to climate control and satellite navigation, depending on the MMI model, you can control it via the central scroll wheel or touchscreen (where available). The most outstanding features of the MMI system are also the central screen and the control wheel on the centre console with 4 different multifunction switches. Although all Audi models now use MMI, the first model to be equipped with MMI was the Audi A8 D3 in 2002. Since then, various Audi models have been equipped with different MMI models. According to the specifications, they currently have 10 different MMI system models, with the exception of the latest MMI MIB 3.

The advanced features of the Audi MMI system

A complete system for your precision

More than just a GPS, the Audi MMI navigation system makes everyday life easier. It integrates a multitude of information and functions, guiding you serenely on every journey. As well as showing you your route and route-related information, your Audi’s GPS will also point out the main points of interest nearby (restaurants, hotels, theatres, etc.) and guide you to them. Thanks to its constant updating, the MMI navigation system keeps its road maps up to date and provides exactly the information you need to calculate your route and get you to your destination. In some major cities, such as Paris, your MMI Navigator car GPS will even keep you informed of car park 1 occupancy in real time, whatever your vehicle model.

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Efficient digital display

For a 100 igit experience that’s always highly intuitive, discover the capabilities of the MMI Touch Response system with its touch screen, or the Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus with its display in your field of vision. You’ll enjoy even greater comfort, with all the information you need to drive right in your field of vision. You can even personalise your car GPS with the display type of your choice.

An increasingly connected car GPS

At the cutting edge of technology, your Audi car GPS is connected to your smartphone via the Android Auto and Apple Car Play systems. It also comes with the ability to plan routes using Audi connect services. Once paired with your vehicle, your smartphone can lock and unlock it, define your route and transmit it to your car’s GPS or assist you.